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Clonskeagh Dublin 6


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BBB BBW-281 Corsavest Gilet http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/6579d44c83f1edfb787743ab15b7abed.jpg

Lightweight windproof vest made of BreezeSkin material, with a water repellent coating.

Assos sV.blitzFeder evo7 Vest http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/assos-sv-blitzfeder-gilet-black-front.jpg

Wear it whenever you need light protection or insulation against the elements. For example, from wind, light rain showers or chill.

Assos sV.emergency Vest http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/13.34.324.56.l.jpg

It's your final layer outershell. Created to give you that minimum chest protection on long fast descents. Ideally suited for racing and or training in hotSummer conditions.

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