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ToePeak Nano Torqbar DX http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/download(3).png

           This Topeak Torqbar Nano is the slimmest preset torque wrench available

Toepeak Nano Torqbox http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/product-tools-mini-tools-nano-torqbar-dx-nano-torqbar-dx-a584347de63e260e1be4d9689687c6dc.jpg

This preset torque socket (4Nm/5Nm/6Nm) kit will work with any mini tool containing a 5mm Allen wrench.

BBB BHP-96 Headset http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/tapereset2.png

Tapered BHP-96 Headset parts - Replacement Bearings.           

BBB BHP-946 Headset http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/taperedset3.png

Taperedset BHP-946 Headset parts - Replacement Bearings.

BBB BHP-94 Headset http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/tapered5.png

Taperedset BHP-94 Headset parts - Replacement Bearings.

BBB BHP-46 Headset http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/tapered7.png

Tapered Stainless Steel BHP-46 Headset parts.           

BBB BBO-11 Bottombear http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/bottombear2.png

Bottombear BBO-11 Bottom Brackets - Bearings.  

BBB BHP-95 Headset http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/taperedset4.png

Taperedset BHP-95 Headset parts - Replacement Bearings.

BBB BBO-21 Bottompress http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/bottompress.png

Bottompress BBO-21 Bottom Brackets - Press Fit.

BBB BBO-25 Bottompress http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/bottompress.jpg


BBB Tapered BHP-46 Headset http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/capture.jpg

 Integrated aluminium Tapered BHP-46 Headset Parts.                   

Toepeak Ninja C Multi Tool http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/4232-11122-thickbox.jpg

The Ninja C stores inside your handlebar to keep your pockets free, but can be easily accessed when you need it.

Park Tool MTB-7 Rescue Multi Tool http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/mtb-7_001.jpg

An outstanding value, the quality MTB-7 Rescue Tool is packed with 21 useful tools for emergency repairs on the road or trail. Includes nylon carrying case with embroidered Park Tool logo.

Park Tool MTB-3.2 Premium Rescue Multi Tool http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/mtb-3.2_proto_001.jpg

The MTB-3.2 is built to tackle nearly any road or trailside emergency repair. It's small enough to take along yet the protected tools feature enough leverage to make repairs quick and easy.

Park Tool I-Beam 3 Multi Tool http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/ib-3_013.jpg

A complete take-along tool combining our award winning I-Beam technology with a full array of emergency tools.

Park Tool I-Beam 2 Multi Tool http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/ib-2_014.jpg

Strong, compact, and lightweight, the IB-2 is a great tool for taking on the road or trail. The IB-2 features our unique I-Beam handle with 10 tools.

Park Tool GSC-1 Gear Clean Brush http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/gsc-1_001.jpg

Park Tool’s GSC-1 Brush has a unique design. A comfortable handle with a curved, toothed-end reaches dirt deep between the gears, and tough nylon bristles clean the derailleur and chain.

Park Tool AWS-7 3 Way Hex And Torx Head Wrench http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/aws-7_004.jpg

Our 3-way wrenches fit perfectly in the palm of the hand and provide excellent leverage, making them a favorite of countless shop mechanics worldwide.

Pro Pedal Spanner http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/prstl0039.jpg

A versatile pedal wrench with offset 15 mm open end for easy pedal removal and installation

Park Tool BCB 4.2 Bike Cleaning Brush Set http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/bcb-4.2_001.jpg

A clean bike is a happy bike! The BCB-4.2 is a four-piece brush set made specifically to clean bicycles. Ergonomically designed with dual density, sure grip handles.

Park Tool CN-10 Cable And Housing Cutter http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/cn-10_001.jpg

The CN-10 Cable and Housing Cutter is a shop quality cutter designed specifically for use on all bicycle cables and housing, including hard-to-cut index housing.

Park Tool AWS-8 3 Way Ball End Hex Wrench http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/aws-8_013.jpg

Our 3-way wrenches fit perfectly in the palm of the hand and provide excellent leverage, making them a favorite of countless shop mechanics worldwide.

Park Tool Mt-10 Multi Tool http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/mt-10_004.jpg

The MT-10 is a high quality folding take-along tool that features forged aluminum side plates, a mix of hardened and plated tools, and smooth ergonomic operation.

BBB BHP-54 Semi-Integrated http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/semitapered.png

Semi-Integrated Tapered  BHP-54 Headset parts.          

BBB BHP-945 Headset http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/tapered4.png

Taperedset BHP-945 Headset parts - Replacement Bearings.

BBB BHP-92 Headset http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/tapered6.png

Stainlessset BHP-92 Headset parts - Replacement Bearings.         

BBB BBO-16 Bottomadapt http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/bottomadapt.png

Bottomadapt BBO-16 Bottom Brackets - Accessories.              

BBB BHP-02 Headset http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/turnaround.png

Turnaround Aluminium BHP-02 Headset parts.                  

BBB BHP-97 Headset Taperedset http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/tapereset.png

Taperedset BBB BHP-97 Headset parts - Replacement Bearings.

BBB Profimount BTL-36 Stand http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/206757_00_d.jpg

You can tell this workstand was designed by cyclists. The solid construction and rubber feet make it as stable as it needs to be.

Park Tool PW-5 Pedal Wrench http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/pw-5_001.jpg

The PW-5 is perfect for the home workshop or event tool box. Although economically priced, this 15mm pedal wrench, like all Park Tool products, is built to last.

Park Tool FR-5H Cassette Locking Tool http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/fr-5h_001.jpg

A fast and convenient tool to remove and install 12-spline Shimano®/SRAM® style cassette lockrings, as well as similar lockrings on rotor discs. 

Park Tool Mt-30 Multi Tool http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/mt-30_004(1).jpg

The MT-30 is a high quality folding take-along tool that features forged aluminum side plates, a mix of hardened and plated tools, and smooth ergonomic operation.

BBB BBO-15 Bottom Bracket http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/bottombear.png

Bottombear BBO-15 Bottom Brackets - Bearings.        

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