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Fabric Lumacell 30 Lumens FR http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/fp1308u10os.jpg

Compact 30 lumen light with USB charging Keep yourself visible even in low light conditions.

Fabric Lumacell USB Light Set http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/fp1378u10os.jpg

Compact 30 lumen light with USB charging Keep yourself visible even in low light conditions.


Cateye Wearable Mini Rear Light http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/calrwrm.png

Versatile safety lighting at a great price, perfect for all conditions.


Blackburn Dayblazer 800 Lumens Light set http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/bl490db8065.png

Get noticed without breaking the bank. Perfect for city riding.

Blackburn Dayblazer 400 Lumens Light Set http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/bl490db40cl.png

Looking for a light set that is simple, affordable and bright? The DAYBLAZER 400 front and CLICK USB rear is just the ticket.

Blackburn 2 Fer 60/20 Front/Rear light Single http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/bl460loc60_1482.png


Blacburn 2 Fer XL 200/400 Front/Rear http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/bl4602ferxl.png

This light works hard, pulling double duty as either a 200 lumens front or a 40 lumens rear light, depending on your needs.

Topeak Ninja TC Road Bottle Cage http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/download(7).png

Water bottle cage bracket with stealthy built-in tool case and hidden tool that’s easily accessed with a simple twist.

Lapierre Bottle 600ml http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/02015317.jpg

Universal Bottle with Lapierre branding. Polyethylene.

Lapierre Bottle 800ml http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/02015317.jpg

Universal Bottle with Lapierre branding. Polyethylene.

Cannondale Airport Nitro Floor Pump http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/accd99flrpaniblk.jpg

Steel barrel and base. Lever-less EZ head and extra long tube. Rated to 160 PSI. Fully rebuildable internals and head

Fabric Hex Tape http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/fp7726u40os.jpg

Hex tape is made of high grip rubber with a shock absorbing layer of silicone gel for increased comfort.

Most Ultragrip Handlebar Tape http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/most-ultragrip-2mm-handlebar-tape.jpg

Handlebar tape made of two different foams (EVA + PU) in order to grant lightness, grip and durability.

Most Granfondo Handlebar Tape http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/granfondo.jpg

This Handlebar tape guarantees optimal comfort in all conditions and a longer duration.        

Fizik Gel Bar Set http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/1202-2434-large.jpg

Fi'zi:k Technogel™ bar gel pads will provide additional comfort for your hands, installed underneath your handlebar tape.

Fizik Performance Soft Touch http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/4317-10155-large.jpg

A great-looking 3mm bar tape that matches any finishing kit. It will scrub up time and again to ensure your bike looks as good as new.

Kryptonite New York M18-WL http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/994589_400.jpg

      18mm hardened MAX-PERFORMANCE STEEL SHACKLE resists bolt cutters and leverage attacks

Cateye Orb Set http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/31273_cateye_orb_light_set.jpg

A compact set of lights that quickly and easily attaches to your bike or pack, helping to keep you seen in low light conditions.

CatEye Omni 3 Rear Light http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/cateye-omni-3-rear-bike-rear-lights-aw14-ca475tl135.jpg

Awesome triple-LED performance at an economical price. The Omni 3 rear light tail provides 360 degrees of visibility with three modes - rapid, flashing and constant.

BBB BFD-13R MTB Guards http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/bfd-13r.jpg

MTB rear fender with TPR mud flaps.                  

BBB BFD-22 Slim Gaurds http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/bbb-bfd-22-slimguard-mudguard-set-28.jpg

 A slim, wraparound fenderset for road bikes with tires up to 28mm.

BFD-21 R Mudgaurd http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/bfd-21r.jpg

Stylish rear mudguard for protection, no matter what the weather.

Red Sport Race Series Tool Box http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/fullsizerender-500x416.jpg

This handy piece of kit is the perfect size for all your essential tools and fits compactly into any bottle cage.

BBB BFD-21 F Front Mudgaurd http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/34411_00_d.jpg

The BBB BFD-21 is an Elegant front fender for road bikes.

Fabric FL30 Front Light http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/fp1207u1os.jpg

A solution for riders who need a light to be seen with, rather than to see by.

Fabric FL150 Front or Rear Light http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/fp1107u6os.jpg

The FL150 offers a high-quality, feature-rich solution for commuting or roa

d rides with a sleek design.

Red Sport Co2 Inflator and Cartriges http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/13608150_1108566679207426_1695031320_n-500x416.jpg

Compact CO2 Inflator valve and 3 CO2 cartridges.

Red Sport Asssaver Rear Mudgaurd http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/bum-500x416.jpg

Saving your ass from the elements has never been easier with our Ass Defenders!

Thule RaceWay 992 3-Bike Carrier http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/th99201.jpg

Updated with an enhanced rachet and locking system, the RaceWay continues to lead the field for rear mounted racks.

The Bar Fly Rain Fly Rear Mudgaurd http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/tate-labs-bar-fly-rain-fly-mudguard-black-ev251026-8500-100.jpg

The worlds lightest and fastest installing full coverage rear fender for road and disc CX bikes.

Fabric 600ml Water Bottle and Cage System http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/acfb99wbott22blk.jpg

Our revolutionary cageless water bottle completely does away with the cage, by mounting the bottle directly to Fabric's unique frame adaptors.

Topeak Einstein Hand Pump http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/9042.jpg

Multi-tasking mini-pump with SmartHead™ with the MagicLever, high or low pressure selection and ergo-fit handle. 

Fsa Power Touch Bar Tape http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/16701_fsa_power_tough_gel_handlebar_tape.jpg

The Fsa Power Touch cork bar tape for comfort and feel, in mutiple colour options to coordinate with all bikes.

Lizard Skins DSP Bar Tape http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/lizard-skin-durasoft-polymer-bar-tape-green-lsbtc.jpg

Experience the best in bar tape. DSP has excellent durability, increased shock absorption and great feel in any condition.

Zipp Service Course CX Bar Tape http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/zipp_bar_tape_sc_cx_1.jpg

Wrap your Zipp® bars on your cyclocross (or road) bike in style with this new Service Course® handlebar tape.

Prologo One Touch Gel Bar Tape http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/prologo-one-touch-tape-white.jpg

One touch is the newest tape made of Polygrip which allows you a secure grip in all weather from sunny to wet riding conditions.

Profile Design Bar Wrap Tape http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/profile-design-bar-wrap-tape.jpg

Profile Designs cork-style synthetic tape is tough, durable and comes in a range of different colours.

Blackburn 1600 Countdown Front Light http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/blackburn-countdown-front-1600.jpg

The Countdown 1600 has an easy to read backlit digital display that tells you exactly how many minutes of light remains in each of the 5 power modes.

Kryptonite Messenger Mini U Lock http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/001638_608.jpg

MAX-PERFORMANCE STEEL SHACKLE provides a lighter lock with the high security same security as the EV Mini 5, 7, or 9

Fabric Lumacell 30 Lumens Rear Light http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/fp1358u10os.jpg

Compact 30 lumen light with USB charging Keep yourself visible even in low light conditions.

Topeak RaceRocket HPX Pump http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/topeak-race-rocket-hpx-mini-road-pump.jpg

     Topeak's longest and slimmest version in the RaceRocket series specifically for road bikes.

Topeak Micro Airbooster http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/15700071.jpg

    The Micro AirBooster is an incredibly small, lightweight and easy to use CO2 inflator.

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