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Road Bike Components

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Brooks Flyer Classic Saddle http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/flyer_black_view_brooks_england.png

The Flyer and its ladies model Flyer S are classically sprung saddles for long distance trekking and touring.

L02A disc brake pads, alloy backed with cooling fins, resin http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/mad/y8n398030.jpg

Shimano L02A resin disc pads for BRR808S and BRR505 brakes suitable for use in all conditions.


Mavic Yksion Pro UST http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/mavic-yksion-pro-ust-clincher-tyre.jpg

The light Road UST tyre, with super low rolling resistance and superior grip, that solves the issue of installation.

Pirelli Cinturato Velo http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/1_img_prodotto_3_4_2.jpg

A slick racing tyre SmartNET™ Silica technology combined with tubeless-ready comfort.

Schwalbe Evolution Pro One http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/evolutionproone.jpg

The next generation of tubeless tires. A truly thrilling ride. It's fast. It’s reliable. It’s light.

Look Keo 2 Max Road Pedals http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/00016079.jpg

Lightweight with a stainless steel contact area and a high quality spindle, it is a pedal that is both reliable and efficient.

Tiger Aluminium Aero Stem http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/tigeralu.jpg

Forged aluminum construction is both lightweight and strong.                    

Fizik Arione VSX K:ium http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/4294-10977-large.jpg

 Aliante R1 Versus Evo is light, flexible and agile. It's designed for pros, with pros and raced by pros.

Fizik Aliante R3 K:IUM White http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/fizik-aliante-r3-k_ium.jpg

 Aliante R3 is light, flexible and agile. It's designed for pros, with pros and raced by pros.

Fizik Aliante R1 Carbon http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/4891-12239-large.jpg

 Aliante R1 Carbon is light, flexible and agile. It's designed for pros, with pros and raced by pros.

Fizik Arione R3 K:ium http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/4897-12200-large.jpg

 Arione R3 is light, flexible and agile. It's designed for pros, with pros and raced by pros.

Fizik Click Saddlebag http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/asvw93frey.jpg

Fizik Click Saddle Bag with Cordura shell and Integrated Clip System.

Selle San Marco Aspide Carbon FX http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/prod155737_imgset.jpg

The new Aspide Carbon FX Full-Fit is the choice of cyclists who demand the most in physical performance and comfort on their bikes

Selle San Marco Concor Racing http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/selle-san-marco-concor-racing-super-comfort-black-ev302608-8500-1.jpg

       When a product becomes an icon there are no adjectives to describe its value.

BBB Skyscaper BSP-20 Seatpost http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/149467.jpg

The skyscraper seat-post easily adjustable and suited to all bikes.

Pirelli P Zero Velo Road Bike Tyre http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/pirelli-p-zero-velo-clincher-tyre.jpg

The PZero Velo Road Tyre benefits from Pirelli's years of expertise at the top level of motorsport racing and sets a new standard for clincher tyre performance.

Pirelli P Zero 4S Velo Road Bike Tyre http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/666.png

Pirelli’s PZero 4S Velo Road Tyre is ready to rise to the challenge of harsh weather and cold temperatures.

Look Keo 2 Max Cr-Mo Pedals http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/0154180.jpg

Lightweight and equipped with a stainless steel contact area and a high quality spindle, it is a pedal that is both reliable and efficient.

Mavic Exalith Brake Pads http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/v24701.jpg



Continental Ultra Sport II Tyre http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/continental-ultra-sport-ii-folding-road-tyre-road-race-tyres-black-black-conti-0150003.jpg

Established all-round tyre with Continental's well-known level of quality with proven Continental racing tyre design for responsive handling and secure grip.

Look Keo Cleats http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/00008147.jpg

The standard Kéo has been developed with the goal of minimizing weight and a simplified cleat and pedal ensemble.

Maxxis Flyweight 700x18/25c Road Tube http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/maxxis-schlauch-flyweight-26-sv-98g.jpg

Lightweight & durable tube for racing, one of the lightest tubes available coming in at 52 grams.

Sram PC 1130 Chain http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/sram_pc1130_chain.jpg

SRAM has risen to the highest levels of professional cycling by giving riders componentry that inspires confidence and performs flawlessly.

Sram PC 1170 Chain http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/1998535_1.jpbojrfbgk.jpg

The newest narrower SRAM PC 1170 chain features more heavily chamfered outer plates for improved shifting and quieter running.

Zizik Cyrano R1 Stem http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/3006-6674-thickbox.jpg

The Cyrano R1 is the high-end alloy stem from fi'zi:k.  Made from Ergal Aluminium (7075-T6), this is both strong and lightweight.

Zipp Service Course SL Seatpost http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/service-course-sl-beyond-black-seat-post-20mm-31-6.jpg

We’ve taken our pro-proven Service Course SL Seatpost and made it better… and lighter. The redesigned post, weighing just 235grams for 20-mm setback and 220 grams for the 0 setback.

Threadless Shim Adapter From 1 Inch to 1/ 1/8. http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/4789--full--198.jpg

Threadless stem shim adapter 1-1 / 8 inch / 28.6 mm to 1 inch / 25.4 mm. Perfect for classic bike builds with modern components.

Zipp Tangente Plantnium Pro Evo Brake Pads http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/00.1915.129.050.jpg

Our new Zipp Tangente Platinum Pro Evo Brake Pad is the result of our endless drive to improve and optimize everything we make.

BBB BBS-23C Campagnolo Brake Pads http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/129573_797374.jpg

Compatible with: BBB TechStop (BBS-22CHP/22CT), Campagnolo Super Record, Record, Chorus, Athena, Centaur and Veloce.

Shimano PD-R540 Light Action SPD-SL Pedals Black http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/pdr540la.jpg

SPD-SL road pedal with light action for easier clip in and clip out operation. SPD-SL is the road-specific refinement of the system.

Shimano SH-11 SPD SL Cleats http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/ipd6800_c.jpg

These Shimano SPD SL cleats are genuine Shimano replacement parts for any Shimano SPD SL pedals.

Speedplay X Coffee Shop Caps http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/00-1303-ncl-top.jpg

Coffee Shop Caps keep dirt and mud out of your Light Action, Zero or X-Series cleats when you're off the bike.

Shimano R550 SPD SL Pedals Grey http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/shimano-r550-pedals-grey-e19.jpg

Offering technology at great value. Durable and low maintenance design with increased stability, ease of use and improved power transfer.

Brooks B17 Imperial Touring Saddle http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/000.jpg

The Brooks B17 Imperial saddle features the central cut-out, first designed by Brooks over 100 years ago.

Brooks B17 S Imperial Touring Saddle http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/b17_s_imperial-brown_w800_h600_vamiddle_jc95.jpg

The B17 S Imperial is the ladies version of the B17 Imperial and features the central cut-out, first designed by Brooks over 100 years ago.

Mavic Zxellium SLR Pedals http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/mavic-zxellium-slr-pedals.jpg

Zxellium pedal enables maximum power transfer with an exclusive float system that perfectly respects the rider's body.

Fizik Arione 00 Carbon Braided Rail Road Saddle Black/Yellow http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/4286-10153-thickbox.jpg

The 00 product designation is a uniquely special badge, reserved for only the very best fi'zi:k products.

Fizik Arione R3 Carbon Braided Rail Red/Black Road Saddle http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/3011-6705-thickbox.jpg

The Arione is 1 of fi'zi:k's 3 Spine Concept™ Mens Road Saddle shapes.  Of these 3, the Arione shape is flat, narrow and long.

Look Delta Cleats http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/19415_look_delta_cleats_black.jpg

Replacement cleat for the model previous to the current Look Keo pedal. Standard 3 hole securing system.

Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed Ti/Carbon Chainset http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/campy-super-record-chainset-red.jpg

Shifting to "higher quality"; the new chainrings have 8 pins to lift the chain and 2 to lower it. This re-designed system makes shifting from one chainring to the other very fast and efficient.

Campagnolo Super Record EPS 11 Speed Ergopower Levers http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/2111_z_ergopower-super-record-eps-groupset.png

EPS Ergopower controls represent the direct "electronic" evolution of the well-proven mechanical Ergopower.

Campagnolo Super Record-D Skeleton Brake Caliper Set http://www.harrysbikes.com//images/re.jpg

Super Record Skeleton Brakes are the result of a very careful study of every single detail. The Skeleton structure is about lightness and rigidity.

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